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Thursday 25 June 2015

Webmin Setup On Raspberry Pi

Webmin essentially gives you a web interface of most of the functions you would normally need to carry out using SSH on your server.

First download the setup file

pi@raspberrypi/$ wget

The file is a gzipped file so we can use the gunzip command to get to the tar.

pi@raspberrypi/$ gunzip webmin-1.580.tar.gz

Now we have our tar we need to extract the contents

pi@raspberrypi/$ tar xf webmin-1.580.tar

Create a folder in my /var/www to hold webmin.

pi@raspberrypi/$ sudo mkdir /var/www/webmin

Now we can run the setup script.

pi@raspberrypi/$ cd webmin-1.580

pi@raspberrypi/webmin-1.580$ sudo ./ /var/www/webmin

You will have a number of options as the setup script runs but the defaults are okay,

the following you will have to enter a password

Web server port (default 10000):
Login name (default admin):
Login password:
Password again:
Use SSL (y/n): y
Start Webmin at boot time (y/n): y

You can access the webmin page using:


Replacing locahost with either your domain or ip address.

Once logged into the web interface you can update the version if required.

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